Vanessa Huppenkothen lashed out at those who criticize him for his huge scar


Vanessa Huppenkothen he lashes out against those who criticize him for his enormous scar. The former beauty queen as well has been advocated to the people that have mocked her.

She began her career as a host of sports, Televisa, but she was dismissed before a rumour of infidelity on her part with one of their peers, they were both married.

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One of the drivers that has become a favorite due to the mexican public about everything for the knights is Vanessa Huppenkothen, who works for the chain of ESPN Sports.

The driver of 35 years of age when he began his career in sports journalism, Televisa had a difficult stay, because she stated that at that time his ex-boss to bullying by your course overweight.

Before Vanessa lucia with a few extra kilos compared to his partner Marisol Gonzalez, but even so, Vanessa is suggested to lose weight and go which has succeeded, now sporting a extreme thinness, which has preoccupied many of his followers because that looks an altogether different kind of change.

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However, at the root of your weight loss Vanessa remains a victim of teasing, but now due to the huge scar he has in his abdomen of steel by a particular aesthetic which is submitted.

Because of the harsh criticism it has received by the conductive sports, it through its account of Instagram far from be quiet, so it has been defended from its detractors:

“To all those who write to criticize my scar saying that it is horrible and it seems that I was bitten by a lion. The and the commands greet, he says that is very pretty, it takes 25 years there and is very happy. This time is so valuable. Let’s be more human,” he said in the photo where he shows his scar.

So that your other followers have applauded the message, where Vanessa Huppenkothen made it very clear that she is proud of having that scar regardless of the that say.

Vanessa Huppenkothen lashed out at those who criticize him for his huge scar

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