Wonder Woman: There are more movies on the way and a spin-off of the amazon


Patty Jenkins it is known for being the director of the first tape Wonder Woman, as well as the sequel to that comes in his way, Wonder Woman 1984.

And although this last tape is yet to be premiered, fans are already wondering what will happen with the franchise after this.

The plans of Patty Jenkins

Up to the time we know that Jenkins is interested in making a third film Wonder Woman, as well as a spin-off for the riders.

In an interview with the middle Total Film magazinethe director revealed that even he has already thought of the story for the third installment of Diana Prince, as well as to the tape of the riders:

I’m not going to reveal anything important about this until this second movie is to premiere, because I want to give myself a break and think about everything from scratch, having the fresh mind.

But yes, there is an arc that I have in mind that includes in order to the first film, the second, then the film of the amazons, and finally the third tape Diana‘ explained Jenkins.

The direction of the spin-off would be for another filmmaker

And although she’s the main idea, is not seen as the director of the spin-off: ‘I hope I will not be I who lead’, she said, ‘But yes, I will produce‘, that’s for sure.

After all, in addition to Patty Jenkins, Geoff Johns (the co-writer of WW84 and prior to that, President of DC Entertainment) were the ones who came up with the argument, and sold the proposal to DC.

So both the spin-off as the third tape Wonder Woman seem to be confirmed, although we will have to wait for the reception of WW84 to know what will be the final direction that will take this project.

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