You could win a dinner with Emilia Clarke; find out how (VIDEO)


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The british actress Emilia Clarke, will have dinner with 12 randomly chosen people, with the aim of raising funds to help with medical supplies to combat the epidemic of COVID-19.

Through his charitable organization SameYoufounded by the actress herself to help those who suffer strokes, ask for donations to your followers with the goal of collecting 250 thousand pounds sterling, that serve to medical equipment and beds to the fight against the coronavirus.

By means of their social networks, Emilia Clarke who gained international fame for his participation in Game of Thronesand the movie “I before thee” invited their fans to donate, claiming that 12 of the participants will be randomly selected for a dinner virtual with it.

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“Cocinaremos together, have dinner together and talk about many things. The isolation of the quarantine, our fears and also share funny videos. And talk about the fact that I can’t really cook, it will be very fun,” he said.

This initiative is shared with the Rehabilitation Hospital Spauldingin Massachusetts, and the Communication Clinic the Ukor, and are hoping to be able to free up beds through the creation of a clinic for virtual rehabilitation for survivors of brain injury.

“What do you think? Do a good thing, help people and have dinner with me. Thanks for listening, I hope you are well and safe. I send you all my love,” he said Emilia Clarke in a message through their networks.

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Emilia Clarke enjoys great popularity by his great charisma and his outstanding participation in the series Game Of Thrones as Daenerys Targaryen, work for which he received nominations for various awards such as the Emmy and Union of Actors.

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