Azarenka talks about motherhood and play with Serena Williams, live with Venus


The former world no. 1 Venus Williams were invited to Victoria Azarenka, another former tennis star, who also reached the number 1 place in the world, in your training session to Instagram Live at the beginning of this week, in addition to exercise, also discussed several topics, including the training during the confinamienti current and play with Serena Williams, an opponent common to both, the sister of Venus.

Venus said that she loved the games of Azarenka against Serena, especially in the finals of the U.s. Open 2012 and 2013. “I watched your matches against Serena at the US Open. Those games were epic.

You played very intensely on the pitch, so it was fun to follow him” I Am attentive to the entertainment. Azarenka responded by saying: “In these games that I was faced with Serena, you can feel the energy and the competitive strain that we had.

And that obviously happened when you two played each other. I don’t know how you managed to do that so many times. We wanted to destroy each other for three hours, but we knew how to separate their competitiveness on the court with mutual respect outside of it.”

The belarusian said that he had received training several times during the closure, but he found it difficult to find the motivation. . “I trained a couple of times on the pitch, but in the last week I had difficulties to find the motivation.

Why I was training? I love to play tennis, but I need a goal, because I always have to prepare for the competitions,” As I have already had some breaks in my career, it’s a little easier for me, but physical exercise helps me a lot mentally.I feel more energetic.

Otherwise, I would be lying on the sofa without knowing what to do, ” Azarenka also spoke about how motherhood has changed her perspective on her tennis career. “You must accept that you cannot always make your best effort.

You have to try. He used to charge me a lot when I couldn’t do something I wanted, but such is life. I believe that children teach us far more than we teach them. Leo taught me a lot about myself in those three years”