Comes the first preview of “Stranger Things 4”


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This article, for example, contains spoilers of the third season of Stranger Things.

The fourth season of Stranger Things he premiered his first breakthrough. Published this Friday in the official account of Netflix, the popular series on the streaming platform promises a return that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Because of the many questions left by the end of the previous batch of episodes, this look at the new season seems to solve the most important of them all: the –apparent– death of Hopper’s (David Harbour).

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Welcome to the world of the living

Although the closing of the season in the third installment was pointing towards the death of the good-natured chief of police for Hawkins, there are several tracks that invited you to think that I had not, in fact, deceased, but the absence of a corpse that would say it is perhaps the most obvious. Also Millie Bobbie Brown contributed to the speculation with a statement later.

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Finished the last episode, in addition, the final seconds moving the viewer to the Kamchatka peninsula (Russia), in which some soldiers were making a reference to an “american” locked in a cell. The advance, precisely, reveals that Hopper is retained by the russians somewhere, being forced to perform forced labour.

Netflix still has not released when it will be premiered the fourth season of Stranger Thingsalthough it is expected that, following the advance, not delay too much in getting more news about it. One thing is for sure: the hype is warranted.