Concerts, and yoga classes Britney Spears will make today the networks | People | Entertainment

Acoustic concerts, theatrical presentations and even classes in yoga live in the corners of digital social networks, as a new proposal to entertain in this time of social isolation.

Below, we share the live that will be aired today:

Francisca Valenzuela acoustic

20:00. The singer of the chilean Francisca Valenzuela tomorrow will provide a miniconcierto acoustic through its account of Instagram @franciscamusic and recommends to his followers to stay at home.

Making music with Abraham Mateo

15:00. Compongamos a theme together is the proposal of the Spanish artist Abraham Mateo, who encouraged their fans to produce a song with him live this Friday via an Instagram Live @abrahammateo. All the benefits will go to medications and aid against the coronavirus COVID-19.

Britney Spears offers yoga classes

All of the days. The princess of pop Britney Spears (photo) proposes to his followers to stay in shape and your mind at peace, for it announced that it will conduct yoga classes for Instagram Live (@britneyspears). He says that it is a good way to pass the quarantine voluntary, since they all spend their time in social networks.

Sebastian Yatra will sing to the children

All of the days. At 19:00 Sebastian Yatra offers a Instagram Live (@sebastianyatrato connect with the children, to whom they composed a song to accompany them during the quarantine. The colombian artist in your transmission you pick a user at random and makes a video call.

Michy and Melo 2

All the time. Rompekbezas Producciones offers you the alternative to watch the full show of Michy and Melo 2 (Victor Aráuz and David Reinoso), which is already available on your YouTube channel. (E)