Concerts virtual: how was “Astronomical”, the show of Travis Scott in Fortnite

The ability of the Luna Park is approximately nine thousand people. On the local level, in the Orfeo Superdomo fit between 10 thousand and 12 thousand for a concert. In the last Cosquín Rock there was a record attendance of more than 100 thousand people between both days.

Those numbers are boys in comparison with the amount of people that attended Astronomicalthe first show of Travis Scott in the Fortnite: more than 12 million. Clear that those viewers did not have physical barriers that they prevented to be: the geography, or the ability of a place were not a problem.

Attended is a difficult term to choose. Do you attend a concert that is not shared physical space? If we start from the premise that the virtual life is an extension of real life, yes. Especially in this age of holograms and live broadcasts on the web. The reflections are reinvigorated in quarantine, and when the contact with the other and the sharing of a physical space to rub against the field of dreams.

Between Thursday 23 and Saturday 25, there were five presentations Astronomicalat different times, so that viewers from all over the world could attend. Inside the video game, appeared a sort of avatar giant Travis Scott, and in about ten minutes of recital, the rapper performed live The Scottshis new collaboration with Kid Cudi. Before he sang other topics, among which was Goosebumps.

Astronomical it is an experience extrasensory inspired by the creations of Cactus Jack and built from scratch in Fortnite”, promoted from the official website of the video game.

History in the making

Fortnite it is one of the most popular video games of Epic Games, in which you can enter to play alone or in teams and where survival is the end: the last left standing, wins. The young argentine for 13 years Thiago Lapp became famous for placing in the top ten in the world Fortnite in the past year and earning 900 thousand dollars.

If the e-sports are a category recent concerts within video games are more even. The history of Scott was the rapper Marshmello, that at the beginning of 2019 gave him his own show within the Fortnitereaching an audience of 10 million people.

Travis appeared in the video game with its own skinsdesigned for this moment. At first and for a few seconds, on a stage prepared for that purpose. Soon fell to the wizards: they forgot the stage, and Travis began to move on the ground, under water and in space. Around him, danced as small dolls (in comparison) the avatars of the players and event attendees. They danced, literally: this is an option that they have available among their possible movements.

Maximum Palacios is a young man from córdoba 17 years. It is a regular player of the Fortniteactivity that practiced three or four times a week. The day of the event, I was with a friend inside the video game, coincidentally at the same time that started in concert.

He was lucky, because previously, from the official website had announced to all who wanted to attend: “The doors will open 30 minutes before each show, so we arrived with time to not stay in place. Our intention is to accommodate all the attendees possible, but if it exceeds the maximum capacity, you’ll have to join other shows”.

It is not the only parallel with the shows physical: as a kind of merchandising virtual, there are objects which are derived from the show to leave their permanent mark in the video game. “Travis Scott is the latest addition to the Series of idols. You will be able to help the glove to their costumes, gestures and other from the 21st of April. And if you are present at any of the events Astronomical, how will you be able to get the delta wing Astroworld Cyclone, and two screens load totally free”, explain on the web. The “Series of idols” also consists of the skins of some famous creators of content gamer.

“The graphics of the game allowed me to feel more of my presence within the festival, thanks to the freedom of movement within it,” noted Maxi. “In these moments of quarantine, it was a good experience, since they can’t do many things for entertainment,” she adds. Despite the positive assessment, Maxi reflects that “you can’t buy an event in real life yet, because the technology has not reached that level.”

Not arrived… yet. The 12 million the first show multiplied. “More than 27.7 million only players in the game participated in live 45.8 million times in the five events, reported as number end the official Twitter Fortnite. Maybe one day those numbers to increase, both by the normalization of these events as by the unstoppable advance of technology. Just a few years ago, which just made Travis Scott would have been unthinkable.

“This allowed me to get closer to the artist and now I listen to more often their songs”, he meditates Maxi. For fans of the presentations physical, Scott is on the agenda of the postponed Lollapalooza Argentina 2020. While the public waits for the normal life some day come back and all the shows suspended finally happen, the concerts virtual are still there, consolidating.