Emilia Clarke wants to join the Avengers in the following movies


Emilia Clarke gained great popularity thanks to his role in the hit series ‘Game of Thrones‘for this reason, many fans want to see her again in a great story, perhaps this time leaving aside the crown of “queen dragon” and becoming a character Marvel. The actress has revealed that she would be willing to be part of the Avengersbecause that would be something different and fun.

His two former teammate of set: Kit Harington and Richard Madden, they joined the cast of ‘Eternals’, where they will appear on the big screen as Black Knight and Ikaris, respectively. Therefore, the possibility of seeing the nice star that gave life to Daenerys Targaryen, has caused great excitement and anticipation among your followers.

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How Emilia could be a superheroine or villainess of Marvel?

In an interview with The Times, Clarke said that he would accept to do a film for the UCM to try something completely new and “crazy”.

“I think that, if it did, it would be for the fun of it. I want to do something completely silly and nonsensical, you know, like the Avengers or something like that. Something I enjoy themselves with my companions.”

Recall that in the past there also existed rumors that Emilia Clarke might join the Movie Universe of Marvel with a participation in Iron Man 3however it was not so.

On the other hand, there is a request of some fans of the DC universe to which the actress appears on ‘Aquaman 2‘ giving life to Mereand in where he was reunited with Jason Momoahis partner in ‘Game of Thrones’. Remember that you can relive your favorite scenes of this series through Clear video.

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For the moment, Emilia Clarke has not given more details about his plans with Marvel Studios or if he has met with the executives of the study to discuss their participation in the next phase of the Movie Universe of Marvel, but as we see, she does not rule out the possibility. Can you imagine being part of the Avengers?

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