Halle Berry on having to teach their children at home: “It’s a nightmare”


One of the side effects that you have had the crisis of the coronavirus in the entire world is that has left millions of children without classes. The severity of the pandemic and the confinement required of the population that has been imposed in consequence have led to that schools will be kept closed and that the students are forced to stay in the house day after day.

And as much as the new technologies make possible, to some extent, that the teaching is not interrupted at all, what is certain is that many parents are having to take care of a large part of it during these weeks of quarantine. The task of giving lessons to the little ones, or the fact of having to be aware of that you do the homework and follow properly their online classes need not be work simple, and so has ceased to see with total openness Halle Berry.

In an interview conducted yesterday via Zoom with the middle Entertainment Tonightthe actress had no qualms of to express how expensive it was to be for her to take care of the education of their children these days. And it is that, when asked about how he was carrying to be the teacher of their offspring, Berry had the following to say: “It is a nightmare for me. A nightmare. This is a mock up of the semester. They are not actually learning anything and is hard.”

The artist has a girl of twelve years, Nahla (daughter of canadian model Gabriel Aubrey), and a child of six, Maceo (son of the French actor Olivier Martinez), and it seems to be the more headaches it is causing. “What I have learned is that, when a six year old child sees other children of six years to do things, then they will do those things. For example, sit and eat, because there are other twenty-five to do so. They put on their tables and color because there are other twenty-five to do so.”

The problem, as explained by Berry, is that this inborn tendency to imitation may not occur naturally at home and therefore, “to get that focus and realize that they are at home, but at the same time in the college is really a challenge.”

Despite the educational challenge, the actress has acknowledged feeling very happy to be spending more time with their children. “We are making good use of time in the that are not ‘in school’,” he told, before joking of the following form: “When I’m not pulling out the whip for classeswe do things as a family so normally we don’t have time”.