Halsey sends a romantic message to Evan Peters on his birthday


Halsey and Evan Peters we were surprised at the time that their relationship became official, and even though we all know that there is more than friendship between the two famous, they have remained discrete.

Both Halsey as Evan, had just finished their relationship when they decided to get a second chance. So far, we have seen happy and enjoying this new stage in which both are located. AWWW!

Though they have been seen publicly hand-in-hand, and exchanging lot’s of kisses and cuddleseverything seems to indicate that you do not expect the media to be part of this union they have decided to take care of up the least.

Peters is celebrating his birthday number 33and everything seems to indicate that it is reaching this age reloaded of positive things, new goalsbut above all, to the side of his beautiful girlfriend, the singer of 25 years, Halsey.

The interpreter “Eastside” he turned to his account Instagram to congratulate your partner, in that postshe shared a strip of photos that was taken on the side of her boyfriend, and the one that reminds you of how happy you feel to have him in this world.

Happy birthday sweetheart. I can not imagine a world without you in it.

In that instant, you can see the happiness that you both share, especially because his love has been growing each day. Apparently, the singer and the actor, have found your soul mate, on the other. WOW!