I don’t think so! Karol G cause impact with this photo, Your hair is all pink!

The wonderful Karol G has left without speaking to their millions of fans, after appearing in this image viralizada the various social networks, with the hair of another color ¡holy God! When was it painted?

Today, our beloved celebrity born in the beautiful city of Medellín, is considered one of the singers most influential of the moment, this thanks to his talent and the great performance that has been carried out for years, to be in the place of prominence in which it is located.

His incredible talent has made many of his compositions, to achieve position itself among the first places in the various platforms and world music. Between these songs, are the following: “Tusa”, “her” and “My bed”.

On the other hand, recently returned to viralizarse a famous photograph of Karol G in which it appears with the color painted fully in pink, this of course caught the attention of its millions of fans, who did not hesitate even a second to comment what you thought about it.

Many of the beautiful comments have been: “Everything you put you is cute”; “you look beautiful”; “I love how you still have that color, you should return it to discolor this way. I LOVE YOU.”

Without a doubt, many of the comments written for the famous, what we have felt many, many, many, so each one of those words represents what we feel when we see Karol G using any look.