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Those who follow Kendall Jenner in Instagram we got a big surprise with one of their most recent publications. In this, the musa announced that he was going to help the health care workers who are fighting against the COVID-19, a virus that comes, claiming the lives of thousands of people around the planet.

This work will be in the hands of the Moon, company dedicated to the development of products for dental hygiene and with that has launched a line of articles a while ago.

β€œI am working with Moon to send products to health workers that heroically are struggling to combat the COVID-19” he wrote Kendall Jenner in the aforementioned post.

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Moon also spoke about this issue. Like the young man, he did it through his account of Instagram. Here such a publication.

Many users did not hesitate to congratulate Kendall Jenner and Moon, by supporting the health workers in this battle. β€œIt is great that you help the doctors and nurses who struggle against the malevolent COVID-19. Thanks a lot,” commented one of them.


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