It became viral! Harry Styles surprises the public of Lizzo, appearing in her concert


In recent years, Harry Styles it became one of the stars of the music, is also one of the artists most listened to and loved by the teen audience.

After being separated from the famous band One Direction the singer born in the United Kingdom it has been brought to all the fans of the boy band, and today her music is heard around the world.

What is certain is that Harry Styles as has accustomed us with his incredible humor, and this time managed to surprise the entire audience that was in front of the stage at the concert of another artist.

During the concert he was giving Lizzo in Miami Beach, the former One Direction he made a surprise appearance to join her and sing together one of the great successes of the artist.

The young singer and the winner of the Grammy for Best performance pop a solo artist have a great relationship as Styles has always shown its support in the face of the theme of the songs that he writes Lizzo.

It is for this reason that Harry Styles surprised everyone in the audience to make their appearance on the stage to sing one of the greatest successes of Lizzo, “Juice”.

In a matter of seconds, the fact that the british singer appeared in the concert was finished by viral social media, as thousands of fans did not hesitate to record this unprecedented live collaboration.