Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey revived wedding


The gift of one of our couples favorite romantic comedies.

Thursday, Jennifer Lopez published a TBT one of their famous scenes in The Wedding Planner. There, his character of the tape which was premiered 19 years ago, remember your previous commitment, and how it ended. “Most of the times I think that was not enough,” he said, while containing the tears.

As if that moment was not nostalgic, its other protagonist gave another great gift to fans of the movie and the couple who formed Matthew he shared a behind-the-scenes on how it was to film Wedding.

And soon after, her former co-star stepped in and surprised everyone with his response, the actor wrote, “let’s do it again soon!”, and JLo he added an emoji wink.

“I have always called a threat quadruple. What does she do?”, said the Oscar nominee about his former co-star in the video.

Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Lopez, The Wedding Planner