‘John Wick 4’ is delayed to 2022

In addition to Wick, other movies will suffer the same fate.

Hope has died and the coronavirus has claimed a few more victims, noticing among them, the fourth installment of John Wick. In days past we had reported that the director Chad Stahelski he offered a bit of information which would be the situation of the production after the quarantine.

The words of Stahelski were not encouraging, as he mentioned that Keanu Reeves first you would have to return to finish Matrix 4 before you begin the production John Wick 4. This could mean a serious delay, however, were only the words of the director and nothing was safe.

Until today Lionsgate finally he took the decision to delay the movie a year, now instead of premiering in may of 2021, will be released in may 2022. As I mentioned, this is not the only movie that will have a delay significant, since the studio decided to delay several of its deliveries for a full year. Among them is Spiralthe spin-off of the saga Sawstarring Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jacksonthat would be premiering in a couple of weeks, now will be released in may of 2021, taking the place of John Wick 4. Another notable delay is the sequel Hard to take Care ofstarring Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson and Salma Hayek, which premiered in August of this year, now will be released in the same month of the next year.


In a statement, the head of marketing and global distribution of Lionsgate he said:

“While audiences around the world are returning to the cinemas, many will return feeling lao special that only the cinema experience traditional can offer. Lionsgate is excited to present a variety of films with many more on the way. From franchises to unique stories of new voices, reimaginaciones terrifying comedies and hilarious, we joined our partners in exhibition to get moviegoers back on their cinema favorites with something special for everyone”.

While studies continue to make adjustments to your calendars, we will continue to see more and more delays, because no one can be sure when it will end this situation, but not all of them are bad news. Stahelski had mentioned that has been nervous thinking about the way in which surpass John Wick: Parabellum with new and more risky action sequences, so that this delay more than make you wrong, it will be a benefit, because with two years to work on the film, we can give the best delivery of all.