Kate Beckinsale delete your Instagram by surprise



The story is repeated. Throughout the months-long commitment with Ariana Grande, Pete Davidson maintained a complicated relationship with the social networks that led him to disable the comments on your account of Instagram before temporarily remove all the posts on your profile, and then close it definitively at the end of last year to get away from the speculation and rumors that circulated about her love story with the singer and their subsequent breakup.

Now his new girlfriend, actress Kate Beckinsale, it seems to be going through a very similar situation. The protagonist of the franchise ‘Underworld’ has always been characterised by knowing how to deal with trolls and haters making gala of an acid sense of humor that gave the impression that nothing could affect you.

However, this weekend has completely wiped out your Instagram without prior notice, and without offering any explanation.By now, his fans can still see the number of followers you accumulate, almost three million, and the people that she follows, but that is all: no trace of the photos and videos that were shared.

At the moment you can only especularse about the reasons which have led to that decision, although it is not hard to imagine that would have something to do with the media pressure that has been bearing since they confirm their romance with the comedian on ‘Saturday Night Live’.

The age difference that exists between both, the fact that your dating been improving quickly -last week Pete met the parents of the interpreter – or that none of the two has been treated in any time of hide have been just some of the factors that have led to that their romance is very shocking to the eyes of many and that you plan on it the shadow of the mount.Perhaps for that reason Kate has preferred to distance itself from the virtual sphere to not read these theories, and bet to the maximum for your future with Pete.