Kelly Clarkson crumbles when Thomas Rhett and his wife share the story of the adoption


“I did my own makeup and this is not water-resistant,” Kelly said between tears.

Kelly Clarkson was not ready to get excited as much when he interviewed Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins.

During its edition in the house of “The Kelly Clarkson Show”, the married couple spoke about their adoption process for her oldest daughter, Willa Gray, of four years.

“I had always talked about adopting my entire life,” explained Laura, 30 years old. “My mother is really adopted. I just thought that was really cool. And we had talked about that once in a while, but it was not something in which we had sat and had a conversation of full adoption”.

The conversation finally took place, and it was definitely one for the books.

“I was in Uganda in 2016, he had a photo of one of the babies there and had shared in social networks,” said Laura. “And when I finally got to FaceTime that night, he was saying [Thomas] his story, ‘Baby, we know so many people who are trying to adopt at this time, and this girl needs a home forever.’ “

“I was, like, very moved. I mean, the second I played it, it was, like, electric”, he added. “I thought, ‘Oh, my word. This little girl just take my heart’. I thought: “Honey, we have to find it in your house for ever. I know that’s why I’m here to take this girl to your house.”

Kelly, like any other person who was paying attention, began to cry.

“Oh, my God! Okay, I did Oprah totally just now. I did my own makeup, and this is not water-resistant,” said the Grammy winner as he waved his hands in front of their eyes filled with tears.


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“It is so beautiful because I know that feeling,” explained Kelly. “As a mom, the you touch and embrace. It does not matter if it is yours or not. We are a blended family. It’s like, this is my purpose. It is very powerful”.

Thomas also touched when he talked with his wife that fateful night.

“It was after a concert, and I was going to bed, and I thought, ‘Well, bring her home’. And I do not remember completely or even say it, “ he confessed. “It was something so spiritual for me that just came out of my body. And, literally, two weeks later, we were doing assessments in the home and talking with adoption agencies”.

A year later, they finalized the adoption and the couple received news even more exciting when they were pregnant with their daughter, Ada, who is now two years old.

And received their third child together, their daughter Lennon Love, two months ago.

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