Marvel: Chris Hemsworth confesses that he stole objects from the set of Thor


Photo: Marvel

At the beginning of march we did echo of the confession of Tom Holland when he admitted to having stolen some other object in the set of filming Spider-Man.

Now, his partner in the Avengers, Thor, known in the real world as Chris Hemsworthalso to let you know that you keep at home prop of their movies in the Movie Universe of Marvel.

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel to promote Extractionhis new film to Netflix, the actor revealed that in his home of Australia holds the original version of Mjölnir, the hammer that was used from the first tape solo god of thunder, and Stormbreaker, the axe that your character wield both Infinity War as in Endgame.

On the other hand, Hemsworth, who has reported on occasion that his dream was to be a teacher, acknowledged that he is not doing the best of jobs when it comes to educating their children within their own home, because by trying to do five hours of work, and simply just playing.

“They’re watching YouTube videos on the computer and not studying. I’m trying to teach them and I’m failing miserably, because they are four to five hours of trying to both bribe and just 20 minutes to learn something,” he said.