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The first time Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Downey Jr. shared screen in Avengers: Infinity Warfans were expecting some reference to Sherlock Holmes, a role that both actors performed in the last years in different productions.

However, this wink never came. Fans of Marvel were disappointed, but maybe there’s a good reason for such a scenario has not come to give. According to the specializing Screen Rant, the reference is not given because the most famous detective in the world is not a fictional character but a real person in the MCU.

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While the rights of Sherlock Holmes do not belong specifically to any company, both DC as Marvel have been able to include it in their own projects. In fact, it was in 1976 that ‘the house of ideas’ did form part of his series on the anthology Marvel Preview, and, for those years, Spider-Man quoted his phrase “once you have eliminated the impossible, what remains, by improbable, must be the truth” in a number.

Watch here the trailer of Sherlock Holmes (2019):

Later, Marvel published in 2007 an atlas where you confirmed your presence in his universe of comic books, referring to him as “the private detective more famous the United Kingdom”. All of this evidence is that, according to Screen Rant, attests to the existence of Sherlock Holmes in the MCU.

With the introduction of the time travel and the multiuniverso in the movie franchise, it is possible that the fans can get to know on-screen version of Sherlock’s own company sooner rather than later.