Mia Khalifa alarm to fans for worrying physical change




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Mia Khalifa alarm to fans for worrying physical change

The model climbed stories of exercise routines where it looks very different to how she looks

The former model lebanese adult film, Mia Khalifa, worried about his followers who the more noticeable thin and depressed.

Mia Khalifa the 27 year old was surprised to publish a series of stories in your account Instagram by doing exercise. However, those clips caused controversy among his followers, as they claimed that looks thinner and even depressed.

“According to say that has a very deep depression”. “This very thin”. “Caught some disease!!”. “You’re not eating enough protein he used to”. “Very thin,”were some of the comments that you received the photo of her before and after that has become a trend in social networks.

In the stories you can see that Mia Khalifa is following a routine of exercise using a short red and black top but you can see the thin silhouette of the actress.