Niall Horan stands in solidarity with Justin Bieber


The irish singer Niall Horan recently launched her new album ‘Heartbreak Weather’, as part of the promotions that you are performing to promote his new music, and the stage of his career that he is living, he has visited some shows and met with different means to provide some interviews.

One of them was the one that had with Glamour UK, where the artist revealed some of the difficulties we as artists must face, as well as the way in which some are more vulnerable to be affected by the same.

The interpreter Everywhere he said that while he was in One Direction, to have their fellow group members made it any simpler, easing the pressure that involves the gain popularity around the world, ensuring that they many times were not aware of the great scope they had, but that, in any way, they had each other to be able to express how they felt and be understood by someone else under the same situation.

In contrast, Niall spoke about the case of Justin Bieber, from the beginning of his career, he had raised his admiration for the canadian singer, but now, after seeing their documentary series on YouTube, he was able to see from another perspective the way in which Justin, as an artist alone, he faced the fame.

For that reason Niall says to understand very well all that Bieber had to spend, so even if you had strength, it is understandable that the pressure to which he was subjected to end overcoming him at certain times.

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