Pascual Fernández and his life in Spain in full pandemic: “has crumbled”


The former boy reality show, which some months ago was the protagonist of a rugged out of our country, had a conversation with Hugo Valencia in their program of Instagram “A cup of Coffee with Hugo,” which featured, among other things, how he has lived the quarantine in Spain

In the interview, the former police revealed how they have been these more than forty days in quarantine in Spain, one of the countries hardest hit since the onset of the pandemic by coronavirus. “When I came to I was in Madrid but I had to come to Cadiz for work in the bank, and exploded the pandemic and caught me here. I had to leave the rental in Madrid, my friends had to go get the clothes, the suitcases, has been complicated. We have spent almost a month and a half in quarantine total, you can not go out to the street throughout the day. Was in Madrid to study acting, my plans have crumbled, the of all Spain, and this time I’ve been thinking about what I can do now. Everything is subject of a thread. For me it has been hard, the casting is stopped, the work, is the whole world collapse,” he said.

In other topics, Pascual referred to the evocative photographs that the public continuously in its profile in Instagram and that has led people to dare to send messages and photographs unseemly, “I have felt sexual object many times. When I show these pictures I am exposed to comments that lead you to feel like a piece of meat. Just as women make proposals and lewd comments to the men also. Many times I’ve felt bad, I have said everything about everything in private messages, (I have sent) pictures are very obscene”.

In the middle of the conversation, the former panelist of the “Good morning to All” dared to ask Paschal for their love platonic both in the world and in Chile. In the first group confessed that she feels an attraction to the actress Jennifer Lawrence, the protagonist of the series of films “The Hunger Games”: “I like very much, is very pretty this young girl. it is rough, it is very pretty” and about his platonic love chilean, said he has a weakness for Diana Bolocco, “is gorgeous the Diana, is beautiful. you have a charism that is great. I met her in vertigo, and I loved it. she is an excellent person,” he added.