Shakira donates 50 thousand masks and 10 respirators to his hometown


The Colombian singer Shakira has donated 50.000 masks for medical personnel and 10 respirators for the population of Barranquilla, her hometown.

The mayor of Barranquilla, Jaime Pumarejo, confirmed the humanitarian aid of the famous singer as part of the campaign “I Am supportive, I am Barranquilla”, through a video shared on social networks.

“His love for the city and a solidarity-led to donate very important in thousands of face mask N-95 and several respirators that they will get to the city and we will help take care of people,” said the mayor, who thanked Shakira for the donation.

“Thank you for joining with thousands of face masks for our public health staff, and with respirators that will save lives,” said the official who assured that the inputs will help to strengthen the city’s ability to treat the patients affected by the pandemic.

The protective masks N-95, which were produced by a local company and comply with the international standards of health and safety, will be delivered to over 2,500 doctors, nurses, and other workers who are part of the network of local health.

Also, the respirators will be installed in the intensive care unit of the university hospital Adelita de Char, in Barranquilla, the center appointed by the authorities to be the first line of defense in the care of patients infected with the coronavirus.