Successful, famous and humble


Being a celebrity may seem like the most fascinating of the world, because in any part, is treated like a star. The fans go crazy when they encounter one in a public place or simply walking down the street and scramble to get a photo or an autograph, however the success and popularity not have been uploaded to the head. EXPRESSIONS presents itself to a group of famous through their skills and talents amazed also by his simplicity and humility. We started with DWAYNE JOHNSON who is adorable in every way. The most discovered The Rock when I was a wrestler in the WWE. The transition to the movies has been the best ddecision she has made in her career because she has been in many films successful in Hollywood they have become one of the most tellers. His ability to make you laugh to the public is its greatest strength.


The Ellen DeGeneres Show it is possibly the program of interviews most popular of american television. Your presenter can make laugh any one and seems to be someone extremely friendly, one of the many reasons why everyone in Hollywood want it. In addition to his sympathyEllen, the woman who lent her voice to Dory, the finding Nemohas the ability to address difficult topics and taboos in a fun way and thoughtfully, so that your audience continue laughing and not to feel uncomfortable.


Despite still having a short career in Hollywood it is one of the actresses most captivating of the industry. Born in Australia, after moving to the united States, co-starred the film that would give him international success: The wolf of Wall Street. The actress has also had a stellar participation in other hits such as Suicide squad and has won the hearts of all fans of the film with your amazing characterization as Sharon Tate in once Upon a time in Hollywood.


THE actor is very well loved and has starred in countless memes. Her admirers love her so respectful than to be photographed with them or other unknown people. Or that video in which you are traveling in metro, just like any other mortal, and even gives up his seat to a woman who is charged. Despite all the tragedies she has had to survive has not lost the head and has remained with the feet on the ground. The New Yorker’ dedicated to him an article titled: “Keanu Reeves is too good for this world”.


Those who have had the pleasure of knowing her in person can not feel more happy , since what you see in the media is exactly the same as she is in person. In time of boredom to find many fans waiting to see it and congratulate you at the exit of a concert, she smiles very kindly and always tries to say hello to all. Adele is not afraid to laugh spontaneously or to demonstrate that she is also a fan of other singers such as Rihanna and Beyoncé.