Tekashi 6ix9ine “insults to your ex father,” 50 Cent


Shortly after that Tekashi 6ix9ine was given a “compassionate release” from prison, his legal team promised that his client would not return to their ways of trolling, but obviously, the rapper polarizer you can’t avoid it.

The April 30,the Brooklynite 23-year-old snuck in the comment section of The Shade Room to show to 50 Cent, under a video entitled “50 Cent says he would not work with 6ix9ine” wrote 6ix9ine, “It will not be the first time that 50 to leave to your son… leave me alone to take care of my affairs.”

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6ix9ine refers to the nickname above 50 for him, his “son”, but also the biological son of this same, Marquise Jackson. The producer of “For Life” has been criticized continuously Jackson in the social networks and even joked about not being upset if Jackson it was run over by a bus.

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Meanwhile, 6ix9ine appears to be preparing for a return to rap. Earlier this month, allegedly disbursed $300,000 for a new string, copío a small fleet of vehicles luxury and bought three elegant timepieces, including a watch Richard Millie that begins around $80,000.

The April 29,, 6ix9ine hit his Instagram Stories and leave you a teaser of a release date which was May 8not long after a judge loosened slightly its restrictions on social networks.