The day that Justin Bieber said before the justice in argentina by teleconference, a method that became with the pandemic


In November 2013, the singer Justin Bieber he entered the bowling alley INK of Palermo next to people of their safety. Inside and caused a stir that ended in an assault on the photographer, Diego Pesoa, and gave rise to a lawsuit. Ended with Bieber sitting in front of a camera declaring in front of the Justice argentina from Los Angeles, in the united States. The mechanism on this occasion was the first that was deployed with someone you know.

The incident with Pesoa occurred during the morning of that Saturday, November 11, 2013. When the photographer tried to portray the idol pop -then, 19-year – during his exit from the bowling alley INK. After approaching the van and take some pictures of your interior, the bodyguards of Bieber the increparon, it ran, and was forced to give the memory card of the camera, he told the reporter. The scene was recorded in a video taken with a cell phone, and he wasted no time in getting to the media.

In February 2016, the singer was asked to provide a declaration statement, but not presented as charged by the fact that it is attributed to. Was notified of the subpoena while he was on tour and had to wait a few months for the singer to provide his version of the facts.

In August of that year, finally, he sat down in front of a camera in the Embassy of Argentina in Los Angeles. There, the pop star refused to testify. The following year, Bieber was dismissed from the prosecution that the accused, you declared him innocent.

Then, began the claimed by the civil damages where he was abducted equipment and is he a lien for $4.000.000. Although he continued his life without much inconvenience, never returned to our country.

Now, in full pandemic, the Justice returned to use that method to carry out the hearings of the facts urgent that can not wait for a lifting of the confinement total because due to the distance total as you can’t make a face-to-face, as before.

Infobae spoke with the lawyer Matías Morla who was a lawyer of the complaint in that litigation. Recounted their impressions and what it meant to conduct a hearing via teleconference.

“The experience that I had with the teleconference has to do with the declaration of Justin Bieber, that was the first time in Argentine history that are investigated by this technique to a famous that was in another country”, told.

“The hearing was conducted by judge Alberto Baños and it was with total confidentiality, the judge was satisfied with the declaration because it fulfilled a court proceeding is so important that it is the defense of the defendant,” said Morla.

“In the videoconference, we were read to Justin Bieber the crimes for which he is accused: as, aggravated robbery, unlawful deprivation of liberty and serious injuries -said Morla, representative of Pesoa-. We also showed the video where you can see how it points to a person who then stole the cell phone.”

“Bieber was noticed very polite, very respectful. But I did not answer any of the questions that we did,” said the lawyer. And he stressed: “Getting to the statement, the confession was an achievement, beyond what was decided by the judge. With a job in conjunction with Victor Stinfale, we get a figure of his size to finish appearing before the courts”.

“I don’t remember what has happened to other as well in Argentina -completed-. A declaration of a singer so famous with so much impact that has been made by means of this nature of communication. The good thing was that at no times will cut off the signal, and everything was done in Comodoro Py”.

On the other hand, stated: “There are shows that Justice when it wants to act can act in different waysbecause in this case it was because who was to declare was in another country, but the distance can also be due to an illness. The procedural act is identical to the face-to-face but is done by teleconference, it is absolutely the same. It carries forward the hearing and then have the same consequences as any act of face-to-face”.

“Many judges want to return to work with the new practices that leaves the pandemic is,” he concluded.

On April 24, four days after the decree of confinement total, the Government authorized to implement a system of conciliation hearings by videoconference between the parties and the mediators. The measure is made effective as of the Resolution 121/2020, published Friday in the Official Gazette.

With the signature of the minister of Justice, Marcela Losardothe national authorities have enabled this mechanism of remote working to solve some conflicts in the process in the middle of the quarantine, although they clarified that the process must meet certain standards.

In this way, “as Mediators, for a preliminary ruling may conduct the hearing by electronic means, through video conferencing or other similar means of transmission of the voice or the image, provided that it is ensured the identity of the persons involved and the respect for the principles that govern the procedure.”

In the midst of the pandemic, this resource began to be used. As the case of Miguel Angel Paz, the fitness coach who viciously attacked an employee of security of your building because it summoned to comply with the quarantine, said via teleconference before the prosecutor Martín Gómez of the UFI in Vicente Lopez This.

After listening to his testimony, the prosecutor asked for his house arrest to “the significance of the fact and the gravity of the situation”. By the afternoon, the judge of Guarantees did place the order.

Transverse Pereyra spoke by video link from the clinic of buenos aires in which it is admitted: it ensures that despite refusing to talk at this time, you can expand your search in the future. Her lawyer, Guillermo Tiscornia, filed a brief in the courts of Moron, which was ratified by his client.

Maybe after the end of the quarantine, the judicial officials who implemented this new way of declaring the have even into account if the case requires haste.