the singer confesses that lives in Mexico and the reason behind this decision


Had long ago noticed that Rihanna began to feel a very special love for Mexico: has repeated on multiple occasions to the mexican beach towns –from Los Cabos to Puerto Vallarta– as your holiday destination and even celebrated his birthday #32 in our country.

However, his style of life recently has been marked by a enter-and-exit countries due to commitments it has had to make due to the growth of your business ‘Fenty’ at the level of both beauty and fashion; so much has been this back and forth of the singer until she it has been declared a ‘nomad’ because your time is divided between four places: his native land Barbados, in England (where he spent time with his now ex-boyfriend, Hassan Jameel), in Paris doing business with LVMH and it’s in Mexico!

Yes, in this recent interview, Rihanna told British Vogue that has lived in Mexico (secretly) the last few months and this is the reason…

Simply, I love Mexico –Rihanna

Why Rihanna has chosen to live in Mexico? The famous revealed that his change of zip have been that because in Mexico, not only is the place where more relaxed feel, but also because he identifies with the country and the situation its people especially in the issue of migration since Rihanna grew up with an immigrant mother in Barbados (his mother is a native of Guyana, and after it moved to Barbados): ‘I simply love Mexico. I can truly relate to and empathize with the mexican people or Latin, who are discriminated against the united States. I know what it feels like to have to the immigration entering your house in the middle of the night and dragging to the people”, revealed the famous.