This is evidenced by Travis Scott that Stormi is more like him than Kylie Jenner


Travis Scott is super proud of the strong resemblance that has its small Stormi with him…

It is no secret that Travis keeps a relationship super close with his little Stormi, even if it is not already with Kylie Jenner, the rapper continues to spend lots of quality time with your daughter.

Travis has not hesitated to share with his followers to adorable photos of Stormi,which looks identical to it with its look and incredible outfits.

Last Thursday, Travis shared another adorable picture next to your small Stormi in their stories of Instagram, but what really drew attention was the caption that accompanied it: “My mate and I“.

During a session of questions and answers in the 2018 Snapchat, Kylie confessed that Travis and Stormi have a connection is really special:

She is like her father, but it seems to me, well that is obsessed with his father. Have this free crazy and is definitely a girl, daddy. It’s nice to see you. When dad is near, [es como] if I weren’t there“.

Do you, who do you think looks more like Stormi?, how to Kylie or to Travis?

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