What Becomes Iron-Man? Robert Downey Jr. he spoke about it


Without a doubt, that one of the times climate most impressive of Avengers: Endgame was the time of the sacrifice of Tony Stark / Iron-Man, to defeat Thanos, his entire army and save the Universe. Clear that this sacrifice would cost him his life, and closed the arc of the character within the Movie Universe of Marvel.

But there is still a door open for a possible return and that allowed the fans to speculate with this possibility was the own Robert Downey Jr., the actor who embodied the charismatic character for so many years.

During a live transmission that made the brothers Russo, directors of the film, the actor was invited for a chat and remember some questions about the filming and the event that was the film in the world. Avengers: Endgame ended up being the highest grossing movie of the story.

And it was near the end of the transmission when you lit the light of hope. “Maybe we’ll have to re-do this some day,” said Joe Russo Downey Jr. and the actor replied, “The people will move us toward what they want”. And before this, the fans went crazy.

Since it premiered Endgame, the fans expect that, on occasion, become the character. And in recent weeks, ran the rumor that Marvel could do it back if they adapt the arc argumentative of Secret Wars. In this context, it may appear a Tony Stark from an alternate universe. Anyway, there is also a growing expectation that the actor make a cameo during the tape solo Black Widow, which will premiere this November 4.