Alicia Machado called the phenomenon the daughter of Myrka Dellanos, for surgeries


USA— Alexa Dellanos, daughter of Myrka Dellanos, he returned to Instagram more daring. Previously, you removed all of your photos are sexy for to ingratiate themselves with their religion.

But, quickly returned to his own, and for shows, the recent publication where he is seen posing with a golden bikini.

At this photo they showered a lot of comments, mostly praise and compliments, however, one could not go unnoticed, and that was the criticism of the Miss Universe 1996, Alicia Machado.

“I don’t want to imagine the phenomenon that was to become”

In the image that Alexa posted they will see you showing off your great bust, her tiny waist and huge hips, all in a mini golden bikini.

This instant fans immediately sent hundreds of messages in praising her figure.

But Alicia Machado, dared to think completely the opposite. Without beating about the bush wrote about what I thought of her ‘statuesque figure’:

“Poor girl, at what step on the ’40’ I don’t want to imagine the phenomenon that was to become, I wish that what brings you implanted did not result with secondary consequences like everything that little has been discovered,” said Machado.

And he added: “The way in the beauty has been disfiguring scares me. May God bless you!”.

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