Andres Wiese is more handsome than Chris Evans, according to contest for most beautiful face in the world 2020 | instagram | Entertainment


Andrés Wiese was all the rage in the networks to be nominated for the most beautiful face in the world by 2020. Through Instagramthe actor known as ‘Nicholas’ has managed to get more ‘likes’ that recognized famous in the international show.

The contest “TC Candler” and “The Independent Critics” it takes place in the aforementioned social network, there you can see that Andrew Wiese has over 170.000 reactions while Chris Evans has only 37.000.

YOU CAN SEE “Always trust you, Ricolás”: Erick Elera Andrew Wiese after nomination for the most beautiful face

Andrés Wiese wins to Chris Evans. Photo: Composition.

It should be noted that Andrew Wiese also exceeded in the ‘likes’ to the famous australian Chris Hemsworth.

Jungkookinterpreter BTS, won the contest for most beautiful face in the world in last year’s edition.

The artist competed with renowned world figures as PewDiePie, Jason Momoa, Xiao Zhan, Jensen Ackles, Shawn Mendes and Chris Hemsworth.

The beauty contest is carried out since 1990 and aims to reward the celebrity male and female most beautiful in the world

YOU CAN SEE Andres Wiese is facing Jimin and Jungkook of BTS in a contest of TC Candler

Erick Elera congratulates Andres Wiese for the nomination to face the world’s most beautiful

Through the official social networks of the contest TC Candler, Erick Elera took the opportunity to congratulate his teammate after his recent nomination.

Erick Elera congratulates Andrew Wiese. Photo: Composition.

“I knew it, always confided in you , my Wiese, your Wiese, our Wiese. Pass A, pass me the N, pass D , pass R, pass E, pass the S, what does it say? Ricolás Ah!”, it reads as a comment.