Avengers Endgame. So was Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr.


After the birth of the Movie universe of Marvel 11 years ago, two of the most beloved characters certainly are Iron Man and Captain America, who was fired after Avengers: Endgame, as well as its actors, were fired from the saga.

It was so Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. they said good-bye to these iconic characters who without a doubt were marked in the minds of the fans.

After a year of the premiere of the tape that closed the Saga of the Infinite, The Brothers Russo (Directors of the ribbon) revealed how it was the farewell of the two actors, showing two videos where you can observe the time, Robert Downey Jr. without his suit of Iron Man, but Chris Evans still wearing the Captain America.

“The last day of Downey on the set after filming the moment ‘I am Iron Man’. The very definition of a legend. We love this man 3,000“wrote the Russo

“This is Chris Evans on the last day of interpreting Captain America for always. Much love and respect to you, sir. What race is so amazing“, published.

Despite the fact that they both said goodbye to the MCU, many fans expect to re-interpret their roles at some point in time.