Chris Evans follows the example of Johnny Depp and joins another social network


Chris Evans follows the example of Johnny Depp and joins another social network, in addition to what makes for a good cause by pledging a gift of luxury: a video call with their friends of “The Avengers” – Scarlett Johansson, Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, and Jeremy Renner.

And that is despite the fact that his followers demanded, Chris Evans he had refused to dabble in Instagram and Facebook for being social networks too public. Beyond its popularity, the actor famous for playing “Captain America”, has been characterized by being very careful with his personal life.

But Chris Evans it is not isolated, it takes a very active time in Twitter where you have found a place to talk about their projects and causes that you believe are relevant, such as the adoption of pets, political issues, criticism of the President, Donald Trump, and his professional projects.

Today he breaks his major rule personal request of his great friend Chris Pratt who was offered a visit to the set of the next installment of Jurassic Park to one of his followers to change to create a donation in favor of the health institutions that are struggling against the Covid-19. Chris Evans couldn’t stay behind and so did breaking my record of followers.

Chris Evans, welcome to Instagram

It was this weekend when Chris Evans finally created his own account Instagram and premiered by posting a video where a lucy charming sweater blue that highlighted the clarity of his eyes.

Always friendly, Chris Evans thanked for the invitation of Chris Pratt and revealed that although he could not offer his followers the experience of being devoured by a dinosaur, yes promised a video call with the team of “The Avengers” – original where the lucky winner could ask what that was, invited to support the fight against the Covid-19.

Can we expect more of the account Instagram of Chris Evans? Perhaps, because one of the things she enjoys most is to share details of their moments at the side of his beloved dog Dodger, who adopted some years ago and considered his best friend.