Does copy Lady Gaga? Dua Lipa does what no one expected… I was Surprised as well!


Dua Lipa is without a doubt one of the most famous artists of today. And is that your music and your work of musical art, do not leave position a and another time in the príncipales rankings of the whole world.

And is that the successful British artist recently released its new album. “Future Nostalgia” and comments against did not wait, but the most important thing was that neither she wanted to hear and the best proof of this was his continuous participation in the social networks.

So it was that Dua Lipa showed that live one of the best moments of his career, after the recording material owns the main digital platforms.

But that is not all that surprising to his followers. The successful interpreter recently unveiled, which will add another show to support the cause of the coronavirus.

“Love Lockdown”, the new concert organized by Mark Ronson, and that it plans to include all of these celebrities who together will seek to raise money for the Fund of Solidarity Response to the Coronavirus.