exceeds in ‘likes’ to Chris Evans and David Beckham in the contest of the “most beautiful Face”


Editor: The Popular02 May 2020 | 20:55 h

The actor Andrés Wiese has not stopped being news after news of its nomination in the international competition of the ‘Most beautiful face of 2020’. The peruvian artist competes with important figures such as Chris Hemsworth, David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo, who comes surpassing the ‘Likes’ on the social network Instagram.

The competition organized by ‘TC Candler’ and ‘The Independent Critics’ use an official account of Instagram to publish the photographs of the nominees of the prestigious contest. In such an application Andrés Wiese account with 151.883 ‘likes’ on your photo.

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Therefore, the peruvian actor comes out – ‘likes’ to characters like BamBam, who has 75.651 ‘likes’, the australian Dacre Montgomey account with 11.470 ‘I like you’, exfutbolista David Beckham only has 20.186 ‘I like you’, while the american actor Chris Evans does not exceed the 37.767 ‘likes’.

It should be noted that the ‘most beautiful Face of the 2019’ won the singer of the grouping Korean BTS, Jungkook. The artist of K-pop was placed as the first place beating the comedian PewDiePie, Jason Momoa, Xiao Zhan, Jensen Ackles, Shawn Mendes and Chris Hemsworth.

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The international competition is carried out from the year 1990 and seeks to highlight and reward the beauty of the celebrities at the global level. On this occasion, it is the first time that a Peruvian is nominated.