Gigi Hadid gets hurt playing doubles with Serena Williams


Serena Williams and Gigi Hadid will join together for a charity event virtual celebrities this weekend. The couple will compete against other couples of celebrities in the doubles tournament Mario Tennis Aces in Nintendo Switch, which will be streamed live in the games of Facebook.

Gigi and Serena are good friends and, therefore, the first does not want to let your friend in the tennis tournament. Consequently, the american model revealed who is training very hard to be as competitive as Williams.

However, Gigi revealed that he hurt his arm while training to play in the mode swing. “Serena Williams, I’m all for this,” – Gigi Hadid “I’m going to play a charity tournament tennis Mario and my doubles partner is Serena Williams, who is a great friend and I am his biggest fan.

I saw her play both as a fan and we’re going to play doubles together. We are very excited and I’m practicing a lot because if someone is more competitive than I, is Serena, ” said Gigi, in her conversation with Jimmy Fallon.

“I can not lose our friendship as something” , he joked. “So he was sending text messages: ‘I Am beginning’ and the first night I didn’t know if we’re playing the version of the driver or the swing, where you really balance the thing”

“We’re playing the version of the driver. But the first night that I played, I practiced in way swing and I threw out completely my arm. I was training very hard. I was like ‘Serena, I’m all for this’

The next day, could not lift my arm, couldn’t do anything, ” he added. The tournament will begin at 4 pm EDT on Sunday 3 may. Each participant will receive a grant of $ 25,000 to a charity of your choice.

In addition, the winner of the tournament will receive an additional donation of $ 1 million to their charity. It will be interesting to see how Gigi Hadid and Serena Williams will play in the digital field.