Hrcules be the next premiere on “live-action” after Aladdin and the King Len


One of the tapes animated ms dear is the one that tells about “Hrcules”the famous hroe receive this naming in the mitologa romana, being called in the Greek Heracles.

The history of Disney it was premiered on the big screen in 1997, and recaud at that time about 252 million dollars. So that be a challenge for the company to do this remake.

The new adaptation with actors of flesh and bone, we follow the successes of Aladdin and the King of Len, which debuted the ao past the ticket booth around the world in the category “live-action”.

Now the character mitolgico duty to add followers, with the direction of Jon Favreau. Dave Callahan to be a part of the guin and the producers of “The Avengers”, the brothers Joe and Anthony Russo.

In the nineties, the dubs were in charge of James Woods, Tate Donovan and Danny DeVito. Also Dwayne Johnson gave voice to in 2014 galn roman in “Hrcules,” and Kellan Lutz in “The legend of Hrcules”.

It is rumored that in love with Megara you will be able to be played by Alexander Ludwig, Alexander Skarsgard or Ryan Gosling. Amber Heard will be your flirtatious partner, and Benedict Cumberbatch in the role of the villain Hades. There is nothing official!

Trevor Donovan, famous for the film “90210”, it is also among the favourites to the sequel of “action real”. Be matter of time to know who will be the elect.