I Anuel is jealous! Karol G teases her boyfriend and in front of all what Is low the pants?


The singer Karol G did not hesitate to do What a past!

The colombian Karol G is without doubt one of the reguetoneras most controversial of the time, this is due to his relationship with the also singer Anuel AA who on several occasions has demonstrated his love for their social networks.

And as you know that is news, the singer Karol G no doubt post pictures controversial to awaken the sympathy of his fans, so recently shared a postal in your account of Instagram which surprised everyone, It happened!

In the image, we can see that the singer looks a beautiful body print white colour that lets you see your silhouette well-defined, in addition to wearing a monkey a bit width that is very well.

But what really called the attention of the image is the pose of the artist as to captivate all played with malice and lowered a little his pants ¡holy God! This simple gesture made the image to obtain the amount of 1.733.432 2 “likes” from their fans.

As expected, their fans commented on the picture, without stopping, and among the praise are: “you got me with the lost look hahahahahaha you were my girlfriend and I do not leave you do that you will pass my love lol”.