Keanu Reeves could participate as a villain in Star Wars, your next Saga


Keanu Reeves could participate as a villain in Star Wars, your next Saga(INSTAGRAM)
Keanu Reeves could participate as a villain in Star Wars, your next Saga | INSTAGRAM

The final episode of the saga, Skywalker had an effect a bit strange among the fans because not everyone liked it, however many of them were fascinated.

Despite the fact that it is not going to continue the story of king’s friends or a future to the previous saga, it is possible to Lucasfilm keep in mind something totally new for next deliveries.

There are many stories and theories that have been made from this idea, and even Lucasfilm and Disney have some of these in mind, so that according to the information of “We got this covered” could address the history of “Knights of the old Republic”.

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But still do not know almost nothing about the plot, there are details that have fans excited, as there are some video games about it, even though it could be something completely original.

The rumors are so strong that they even believe that Darth revan could be the main Villain in 1 future Saga and it says that you could be played by Keanu Reeves.

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It should be remembered that this name of Darth revan is mentioned in the saga of Skywalker being one of the squadrons of the army of the sith.

However, it still does not exist a representation of this Villain in any film, so the creators have an infinite range of possibilities to choose from your appearance and in,even their gender.

For this reason, having Keanu Reeves in mind there appears to be somewhat far-fetched since he represents a figure rather imposing in any film that is presented. According to the information of the average american there are already rumors very strong that Ewan Mcgregor could return as obi-wan in a series so continue squeezing Star Wars seems to be entirely a fact.

Yes Keanu Reeves is selected by Disney would have to take into account the agenda so tight that it has the actor for what could be to refuse the offer. Other rumors are that there might be more of a Villain since there are many Sith to choose from and be able to create a few new movies are quite successful.