Margot Robbie goes from the quarantine, and walks well on the street!


The quarantine is not being equally strict in all places of the world. In the United States, it allows you to exit to the street under their responsibility in several of the States, as in some European countries such as Belgium. One of the celebrities who have jumped the confinement to give a small walk through the streets of Los Angeles has been Margot Robbie. The Australian actress has been caught along with her husband for the paparazzi while went out for the first time the isolation.

Margot is one of the sides most well-known of Hollywood and as such must lead by example. Compliance with the security measures though does not wear a mask. The Australian opted for a look sports with a white t-shirt accompanied by shorts neon pink. Regarding her hair, she wore two braids in her blond hair that stood out tremendously in his face uncovered. Together with her husband Tom Ackerley -film director – has enjoyed a calm and smiling ride for the surroundings of your home. A first step to returning to normal even though insurance made them very short.


The projects in common the couple continue to be in full swing. Both embarked on the adventure of forming a film production company together and recently achieved a resounding success with his work ‘I, Tonya’, something that they hoped to repeat with her collaboration with DC Comics using the tape ‘Birds of Prey’, even though the arrival of the coronavirus has been diminished very markedly their numbers at the box office. For this 2020 and with the back to normal already have a new project to carry out, producing and performing the live-action of ‘Barbie’.

Margot Robbie still very active through their social networks despite the confinement, which will be becoming less strict gradually. The Australian account with more than 20.3 million followers on Instagram becoming one of the celebrities most critically acclaimed of the entire Internet. Take advantage of the time when in your account to advertise their jobs, while also boasts of the beauty of both when. What Margot is not normal, and with a simple smile, it can let out to their followers.