Mayor in Brazil ask for help to Greta Thunberg against Covid-19 in the Amazon – World


Brasilia. The mayor of Manaus, Arthur Virgili Net, asked this Saturday to the environmental activist Greta Thunberg exercising “its influence” to help combat the pandemic of Covid-19 in his city, located in the heart of the Amazon and one of the most affected by the virus in Brazil.

“We need help. You have to save the lives of the protectors of the forests, save the coronavirus. We are faced with a disaster, a barbarity”, tweeted Virgilio Neto, in a video in English addressed to the famous teen Swedish.

“I am aware of the influence that you have, and I know his capacity for compassion for others. My people suffer and that is why I address these words. Help the Amazonia, the Amazon and the forests must be saved,” he concluded.

The state of Amazonas, whose capital is Manaus, exceeded the Saturday 500 dead by Covid-19, including many indigenous people.

Hospitals urgently need equipment and some have used refrigerated containers for stacking the bodies.

In a recent interview with the Afp news agency, the mayor Virgilio Neto described “scenes of horror movies”. On several occasions since the beginning of the crisis unleashed by the pandemic of the new coronavirus, he has been seen crying during interviews on live television.