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The star of action films Arnold Schwarzenegger he told americans that “ignore the idiots”, Lady Gaga told that she was staying at home with their dogs and Taylor Swift stated that it is necessary to make sacrifices in urging its 128 million fans to practice social distancing in an attempt to contain the coronavirus.

As for u.s. authorities to intensify calls to citizens to go beyond the washing of hands and isolate themselves as much as possible, Ariana Grande and Heidi Klum joined their voices to those of celebrities that appealed to a drastic reduction of the social interactions.

“I still see many meetings and gatherings and parties. This is the time to cancel plans, you really isolated all the possible”, published Swift in social networks on Sunday.

“It is a time really scary, but we need to make sacrifices now,” added the singer Fearless.

New York and Los Angeles announced the closure of bars, movie theaters, and restaurants starting on Monday 16, as the death toll from the outbreak climbed to 65 during the weekend.

Schwarzenegger, the star of Terminator and the former governor of California, released a video of yours in your kitchen hugging their two horses in miniature.

“We don’t go out. We’re not going to restaurants. Since we don’t do anything as well. Stay in their homes as possible. Listen to the experts, ignore the idiots,” she said Sunday.

The pop star Ariana Grande he seemed to be responding to the publications of the social networks over the weekend of people boasting of frequenting bars, restaurants and public places in spite of the outbreak of coronavirus.

“It’s incredibly dangerous and selfish to take this situation lightly. Please, do not turn a blind eye“, said the singer of 7 Rings, which has 177 million followers on Instagram.

The exchica Bond, Olga Kurylenko, who appeared in Quantum of Solace in 2008, announced Sunday that he was “locked in her house,” after testing positive for coronavirus, joining Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson as other celebrities who have been diagnosed with the disease.

The model and judge of America’s Got Talent Heidi Klum said he was kept apart from her husband, musician Tom Kaulitz after having a fever a week ago. Klum said that she had the test for the coronavirus, but did not report the result.

The singer Miley Cyrus asked her fans to stop panic and buy and thoughtful as you prepare for social distancing. “NO one needs all of the soups from the store”she wrote on Twitter. (I)