Of the teenager who climbed on the fashion Britney Spears to the mother of a fighter “This is Us”: the curious route of Mandy Moore


Not all the spectators know the past of the actress who plays the matriarch of the family drama This is Us. Mandy Moore is your name and maybe some memorious sounds of the times in which all the budding singers wanted to look like Britney Spears, who had come to the world of music to change it completely. Such was the case of this actress before being the sacrificial Rebecca Pearson in the Fox series Premium.

Mandy Moore, the pop singer teen

Before being a mom, sweet and a wife’s ideal This is Us, Mandy was an emblem of the pop music of the 90’s. He was part of that group of teens sensual which made eye-catching videos with choreography, dancers, and in that shone as it did then Britney, “The pop Princess”, as she was called by then. They all wanted to be like the girl who appeared in Disney and fulfilled her dream of release albums, fill stadiums, succeed inside and outside of the united States and fully enter the world of show business.

Fan of Bette Midler and Madonna, the then-teen had blond hair and silvery-dreamed of success. In those times they would take the train to success by Christina Aguilera and “Genie in the bottle”, Jessica Simpson with “Irresistible” and the girl born in 1986 in New Hampshire, Mandy Moore, who sang his hits “Candy” and “I wanna be with you”. It was this teenager, with his soprano voice, and its only 15 years old, that was born to him he showed the world his talent for music. That voice is the perfect led years later to interpret the voice of Rapunzel in “Tangled” and singing all their songs.

The career of Mandy Moore is shot and has not stopped growing. But there was a long way from this girl with a voice sweet and sensual until the adored Rebecca Pearson, of the series of Dan Fogelman.

After achieving success in the music, which was not the same of Britney, she arrived with a firm step to Hollywood, with a small participation in Diary of a princess, where it is presented as the antagonist of a very young Anne Hathaway. There began a race that would taint his own musical career.

The budding actress got him a role in A walk to remember (A love to remember), later Because I said so, along with Diane Keaton, and License to marry where shared the stage with Robin Williams. So he became the girl with the perfect smile that alternated the music with the film but this art captured the flashes.

This is Us: the wife and perfect mother

A girl with a voice sweet and melodic, she sings in a bar. Is her parents are wealthy and have the dream of becoming a musician. There enters the scene, a young man of humble origins, with a family history difficult, a surrender to the spell of that voice and the body of the woman that is going to turn into the girl of his dreams. The love story between Rebecca and Jack seems out of a fairy tale. They are the soul of This is Us.

So we are or, this is what we are. Maybe those are the two literal translations to Spanish of this series that broke new ground and that, during this quarantine, he had thousands come to her for the first time. There is No episode in which you did not cry, nor feel that any fiber of your interior looks touched.

This is Us moves, sensitizes, thrills. And found a cast perfect for this mission by: Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia, the marriage of Rebecca and Jack Pearson. And if this couple is missing something to reach perfection were the children. She is pregnant with triplets and one of their children was born without life. Babies survive Kevin (Justin Hartley) and Kate (Chrissy Metz), and in that same day of one’s birth is abandoned a baby at the door of the Hospital that Pearson adopted and named Randall (Sterling K. Brown). Jack the gathers under the theme of “The Big Three”, these three children who come to close to perfection the life that put together along with Bec.

Mandy Moore -who had never starred in a television series – gives your Rebecca everything you need to go to evolve over the years, since that innocent of about 20 to the grandmother of the children of their children. Beyond the makeup, Moore gets under the skin of each stage of Mrs. Pearson with ease and allows the viewer to enjoy all of them.

The character of Moore is that of a tightrope walker between the five that make up this family group. You try to be a good mother, present at every stage of their children so different from each other, and continue to be the woman Jack fell in love with in that bar where she sang. Again, the music says this in the life of Moore although it is through a character

The arrival of Mandy to This is Us it was like a touch of magic wand for your life. With his music career on hold and the roles that do not excited to go back to make movies, came to his hands the script of this series. She auditioned and went to his house. I wanted to be the chosen one, without imagining, perhaps, that the producers would call a few days later to confirm that the role of Rebecca was finally to her .

One of his first romance was with actor of the series hit of the 90s, Thats 70 Show, Wilmer Valderrama. Just had 16 years old and the relationship lasted two years. Then in 2004 came to your life Zach Braffperformer “Scrubs, and they separated in 2006. However, he retains a link as friends. Then comes the love story with the tennis player number one in the world, Andy Roddickthat , according to rumors, cheated on the girl with the perfect smile.

Later she married the musician Ryan Adams. They stayed together until their divorce in 2016. The singer was denounced by several former partners to Moore for his violent temper and abusive. This relationship is toxic did that Mandy is away from the music, because -he told the actress – told permanently that lacked talent.

Luckily the love returned to get to your heart and in 2018, in the success of This is Us, he remarried, this time with Taylor Goldsmith. And now your life seems like it is managed, both in his work and in his personal life.

Amazing and curious is the life of Mandy Moore who managed to link his two passions and finding a balance in your emotional life. A girl sweet and sensual that he knew how to conquer in their years of adulthood to a public that was unaware of his past and that he loves Rebecca Pearson of the series.