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Although it may seem that we don’t recognize your name in the first instance, we have heard of Ovy On The Drums ─pseudonym of Daniel Oviedo─ more than we think. The Colombian coffee producer is mentioned at the beginning or the end of dozens of songs of reggaeton, as it is the mind behind the catchy hits such as “Husk” of Karol G and “When you kissed her” of Becky G and Paulo Londra; achievements that totaled his career in the industry before being diagnosed with COVID-19 at the end of the last march.

Before going through the drama that plagues thousands of people around the world, the music producer was enjoying the rewards they got after accompanying Karol G in 90% of their productions. They both agreed many years ago, far from the popularity that haunts you today, to launch to stardom, the career of the Colombian. Thanks to their joint work, Ovy On The Drums, able to produce time after next Bad Bunny, Ozuna, Cosculluela, and Zion & Lennox.

The recognition of his name in the urban movement caught the attention of Kristoman ─Kristopher Salazar─, who convened in 2015 to be the producer of his record label emerging: Big Leagues. Together they were the architects of the beginnings of paul London with his album “Homerun”, and of the races of Micro TDH and Mike Bay. Since then, artists such as 6ix9ine, Anuel AA, Becky G, and 21st Floor left the creation of their songs in their hands.

Ovy On The Drums, produced the song

Ovy On The Drums produced the song “When you kissed her” Becky G and paul, Londra. (Photo: Broadcast) 

However, it was not until November 2019 when the name of Ovy On The Drums echoed with greater force. The premiere of the megaéxito “Tusa” Karol G & Nicky Minaj forced to respond with who produced the subject of which they all spoke. “When one has a good song, but it makes a different proposal to everything that is on the market, is where you can create a super hit” explains the song that changed his life months before to remain isolated from the music and rethink his career.

I started to have a headache, body aches, chills, sweating, I lost the taste for the food and the smell,” says the Colombian producer on the first symptoms that recognized to mid-march. Days prior had returned from Mexico to his home in Miami with some discomfort that she was not allowed to continue producing in his studio. “Even though I had the symptoms, I was always positive and I thought it was a normal virus, the virus of the flu (influenza), which is something normal”, he recalls.

Their suspicions increased when one of his friends, coming from Italy, he shared in their social networks who had COVID-19. “I called him and told him my symptoms and we agree. There it was that I said, ‘I’m the COVID’”, account. However, I needed a trial is credible confirmation of that diagnosis intuitive. Therefore, after recovering from the first symptoms, Ovy On The Drums went to the medical authorities of the locality, and the result was overwhelming: it was positive.

Ovy On The Drums, together produced

Ovy On The Drums together produced “Bad” of 6ix9ine and Anuel AA. (Photo: Broadcast) 

The following days involved the detention and total isolation in his home. Away from his family in Colombia, music producer spent days of uncertainty in complete solitude. The symptoms had disappeared, but care should be taken to an extreme. For this reason, and despite the skepticism of many, Ovy On The Drums, he turned to his professor of vocal technique as a trusted person for which, from the distance of a video call, advise him about the home remedies you should consume.

Taking thyme with boiling water, lemon, baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), also acetominafén (paracetamol), and inhalations by mouth with thyme” he confesses about the procedure that he repeated for weeks before having the second test, which finally gave negative. “I recovered thanks to my teacher of vocal technique” dares to say about one of the methods not yet accredited by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Ovy On The Drums, worked on the production of the subject

Ovy On The Drums worked in the production of the song “Te Amo” from Floor 21 and paul London. (Photo: Broadcast) 

A little more than two weeks, Ovy On The Drums resumed their activities normally. He returned to produce and boost your career as a solo artist, although he recognizes that he has not given the routine that he held for his recovery. “I’m with the same care as if you had it (the virus). I keep taking my beverages, do my inhalations, and taking care of me until I pass” notes suspicious of the versions who claim the immunity in people who contract the virus. “But you take care of yourself, you again to give” she fears.

This experience has meant a reinvention of the artist in all its senses. “This has helped me to be more aware of things that before I ignored, of being more aware of my family and people that I hardly spoke. It changes your perspective of many things, ” he says. Evidence of this is the new initiatives in music that launched recently as the release of his single “The Other Side” to the side of Justin Timberlake and SZA.

I try to see what other new sounds are there, look for other ways different musical levels to try to bring something different. Now, thanks to everything that is going on, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of” concludes Ovy On The Drums, with the hope of getting to a stage when the quarantine ends. So soon, as an artist, he anticipates the release of two solo songs and, as a producer, the preparation of the next discs Karol G and Anuel AA.

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How do you catch the coronavirus?

The COVID-19 is spread through the contact of a healthy person with another who is infected. This disease spreads from person to person through droplets from the nose or mouth when the one who is sick coughs or exhales.

In many cases, these droplets fall on objects or surfaces, which then touch other individuals and are carried to the nose, eyes, or mouth when they pass their hands over the face.

Is there a cure for COVID-19?

There is still no evidence that any vaccine or medication can prevent or cure the disease. However, those affected must have access to health care to relieve the symptoms; and if the patient is serious, you need to be hospitalized.

The WHO is coordinating efforts to find the cure against this new coronavirus that has claimed the lives of thousands of people.