Selena Gomez presumed to be its “home office” on Instagram is There new music on the way?


Selena Gomez fell in love with their fans in Instagram with the look like a little angel of music as he prepares to create a new music style home office during this quarantine.

Selena Gomez presumed to be its “home office” on Instagram is There new music on the way?

The Instagram of Selena Gomez

In his official account of Instagram, Selena Gomez shared with 175 million followers, he has created his own mini home recording studio to continue working even in quarantine.

“Makeshift studio to be able to work from home,” wrote Selena Gomez on Instagram, where she wore a casual outfit and look to the natural, according to her fans, gives an image very angelic.

The photo of Selena Gomez reached thousands of likes in hours as well as hundreds of comments from his followers, who emphasized the angelic of his image and his excitement at the possibility of new music.

Selena Gomez lost his place in Instagram

At the end of April, Selena Gomez lost his place as the artist with the most followers on Instagram in spite of his incredible total of 175 million followers on the social network.

The ex – chica Disney lost the fight for the title of “Queen of Instagram” with Ariana Grande, who was one of the stars of channel rival, Nickelodeon, and that has reached 183 million followers.

Unlike Selena Gomez, who is often absent for long periods of time of Instagram, Ariana Grande has had a growing presence in the social network, especially to share multiple stories on a daily basis.

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Selena Gomez should strive to regain its place as the artist most followed on Instagram, so you can take advantage of the creation of new music to share more stories and to call back the attention of internet users.

The end of the quarantine will show us who of them, Selena Gomez or Ariana Grande, it will consolidate as the artist most followed on Instagram.