Shakira boasts size it back there! playing tennis with a short mini

Shakira efe

May 03, 2020
(17:34 CET)

Shakira it takes so much time to dominate the world of music, which seems to have frozen in an era. What is certain is that the colombian already has 43 years of age, something that gives more merit to your body. Even Pique, exactly 10 years younger, fell in love instantly with so much charm when they met. This time, the artist has returned to boast of a size in a day of tennis. It was a postcard for framing.

One of those paparazzis who some call heroes and other villains, was commissioned to take a snapshot of Shak. The hearts sped up when the barranquilla appeared with a flannel and a short mini that left the view of her spectacular legs. The interpreter of Blackmail proves having recovered his best physical version. Something that woke the nostalgia of its audience that every time the notes less about the scenarios.

From that Shakira decided to dedicate himself to the family, its time for music has been reduced considerably. Although the groups of fans from all over the world have created the theory that he is working on a mega musical surprise. Does it really happen?

Shakira enjoys academically, the time of quarantine

Instead of a holiday must-see, the Queen of Latin Pop, has taken advantage of the free time at home to study something that calls powerfully the attention. This has been shared on their networks, with more than 66 million followers throughout the world.

The message from Shakira on her latest academic project from home was: “I Just graduate from a course of ancient philosophy. I already know that my hobbies are not practical, but it took me hours after putting to sleep the kids. Thanks to Plato, its predecessors and the University of Pennsylvania for the “fun” of these 4 weeks!”. The versatility of the artist south american to surpass and amaze your public will not stop.