The 10 facts you need to know about Donatella Versace (on his 65th birthday)


Social honors him to Donatella Versace on her 65th birthday. The life of the fashion designer from italy has been marked by glory, tragedy and desenfrenos. The data that we present are taken from the fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar Mexico.

1. I was very close to Gianni
Despite 10 years of difference, the two were very close. They liked to go out and party together. Even, Gianni used to tell Donatella how to dress when they went out. In his biography, Donatella confessed to always open to the crazy ideas of Gianni, for example: once stole some money from his mother and the keys to the car from his father so that she and her brother could see the singer Patty Pravo.

2 . Gianni told him to paint his hair blonde
When Donatella was 11 years old, Gianni told him that the blonde hair would be great. The designer was obsessed with the singer Patty Pravo, and he asked his sister to return his golden hair, a situation that continues to present, since his hair color is one of the features that most distinguishes them.

3. He studied languages at the University of Florence
While Gianni was trying to establish itself as a renowned designer, Donatella studied languages at the University of Florence.

4. Was the muse of Gianni
Before the death of the designer, it was already known that her own sister was his ultimate source of inspiration, even for the perfumes of the brand.

5. Gianni gave Versus as a gift
Not only serving as inspiration for Gianni, also supported him and became his best criticism.Thanks to this, the designer gave the line Versus, which was established in 1989 and aimed at an audience much younger.

6. Has two children
In her marriage with Paul Beck, Donatella had two children, Allegra and Daniel. Allegra was very close to Gianni and received part of the company, while Daniel stayed with the art collection that is valued at 37 million.

7. He took the reins of the company two years before the murder of Gianni

Although it was not official, Donatella had already been to the front and brought the company forward two years before the death of his brother, just when he was diagnosed with cancer.

8. It is super friend of Lady Gaga
Gaga and Donatella have collaborated on several occasions. The singer has been the first person to know the files Versace and it was from these collaborations that the two of them became great friends.

9. Donatella was the creator of THIS legendary green dress from J. Lo
In 2000, Jennifer Lopez was nominated for her first Grammy award and stole the attention that night with a dress Versace, designer Donatella. In 2015, Google revealed that it was thanks to that dress that was created to search for pictures, because people were dying to see the dress again and again.

10. Continues the legacy of his brother to date

More than 20 years of the death of Gianni, Donatella continues to be high on the talent of his brother.

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Donatella and Gianni

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