The Internet is already throwing Lizzo in the in vivo adaptation of Disney ‘Hercules’ and we hope this dream is not for the novice


Fans of Disney are ready to get away, again. According to an article, the studio is creating a version of the live-action Hercules. Almost instantly, the fans resorted to social networks, sharing their thoughts on who should represent the iconic Muses singing gospel. This is what they say on Twitter, users on these characters.

According to reports, Disney is doing an in vivo adaptation of “Hercules”

Of course, there is already a remake of beauty and The beast and Aladdin, plus a version of live action of Mulan, which is on the way. There is a new adaptation of live-action Disney works, and in accordance with Disinsider, fans should be prepared to go the distance. The truth of the gospel? Disney is creating a version reboots of their classic animated, titled Hercules.

According to Disinsider, “it is expected that the film will be a theatrical premiere, not an original Disney +, such as Lady and the Tramp, as well as Robin Hood, and Lilo & Stitch, both in pre-production”. Unfortunately, the Walt Disney Company has not confirmed much about the upcoming movie.

A possible director for this adaptation could be Jon Favreau, formerly of the adaptations photorealistic of The Lion King and The Jungle Book. The writer also participated in the creation of the series, Disney +, The Mandalorian, although the article proposes some other directors for the restart of Hercules.

The fans are already throwing Muses for the version of live-action Disney

There are main characters as Meg, Hercules and Phil. However, the characters that actually do advance the story are the muses, who sing his narration over the animated film. Some Disney fans resorted to social networks and shared their suggestions on who should represent the iconic characters. Actresses most often mentioned include Lizzo, and Amber Riley.

“[I] I heard that Hercules is getting a new version of live-action and I thought that I would let fall to a single cast of fans that matters to me. The muses. Kelly Rowland, Jennifer Hudson, Keke Palmer, Coco Jones and Amber Riley. We want to sisters with dark skin who interpret the roles of the Muses, ” said a Twitter user.

“I will tell you. If Disney chooses to Lizzo (who I like) muse on someone like Amber Riley … could actually enfurecerme. There are several black women with curves who can sing. Do not be basic, “ wrote another Twitter user.

“I’m going to need Beyoncé, Brandy, Jennifer, Amber Riley, Lizzo, Anika, Kelly, Kierra Sheard, or some artist of the gospel equally good. All the muses MUST HAVE STATION AND RANGE, “ said another Twitter user.

Lizzo accepts the award for Artist of the Year onstage during the 51st edition of the NAACP Image Awards | Aaron J. Thornton / . for BET

Lizzo said previously that I wanted to appear in a live action film of Disney

It is not clear who will have a role in this upcoming reboot of action in vivo. However, some of the actresses mentioned by fans have already expressed interest in working with Disney. Lizzo released a video of her dressed as Ursula singing “Poor unfortunate souls”.

This was before the announcement that Melissa McCarthy would interpret the character in the next version of The Little Mermaid. For a Disney Singalong, Ariana Grande performed “I’m Not going to say that I’m in love” Meg, dressed as the character of the color purple.

Presumably, in the next few weeks we will announce more information on the in vivo adaptation of Hercules. Until then, fans can see the animated version of the movie on the transmission platform of Disney, Disney +.