‘The Widow’, Kate Beckinsale is not working well to get intense


‘The Widow’ it is perfect to do a marathon one Sunday out of boredom or a hangover. And everyone should take this as a criticism positive or negative. The premise doesn’t bring anything new. In fact, it produces some fatigue. And, with this, there is not your main defect, since it tries to camuflarlo with dozens of subplots that matienen a relative tension in the viewer.

I wish we knew of the child soldier Adidja (Shalom Nyandiko) and not Georgia Wells (Kate Beckinsale)! The first -and whose scene opens the series – is a mere annex that develops broad stroke to make it converge to half of the season with the main plot. This is the story of a woman who, years after losing her husband in a plane crash, believed to view the article in the news. Comes running out in his search, of course. And this is not there around the corner, the images come to you from a revolt in the Congo.

The series aims at multiple directions: a geo-political analysis african who dares to give lessons in ethics; a dose of thriller led by an alleged survivor; the jungle, Kinshasha and the sexual tension, of course; and many characters who come in and out of the series without them neither more nor less. Do not understand very well what has happened to the creators of ‘The Missing’, ‘Rellik’ or ‘Roll’, the brothers screenwriters british Harry and Jack Williams. For the spot, Kate Beckinsale, a chance to shine from the film ‘Love and friendship’ Is it convincing? Yes. What leaves you marked your interpretation? Not; And to the rest of the cast, will be the time to make the leap to the global stage.

In fact, ‘The Widow’ draws on the creations above of the Williams, in their constant twists -ideal for making marathon – and the catalogue of stories -fishing spectators in many waters-. And supports, as a resource is too easy, in the flashbacks that summarize and to lighten the context. Perhaps the most interesting time is the one that speaks of colonialism, the uprisings, the civil that brought, corruption, mafias, etc., But even with these ends off and prefer lie down in the arms of the fable western. And what is worse is that eight chapters of inconsistencies. The followers of the catalog Amazon Prime Video also be referenced ‘White Dragon’. In this case, a husband was traveling to Hong Kong to expose the secret life of your deceased wife. Agree on the pain, turn back, and how to regain a life with a tragic loss. ‘The Widow’ does not know how to do that without getting lost in debates arid or transit territories ambiguous.

But then, what is the series? What you don’t want to. The moving story of Georgia I would like to have been that of a country in struggle. The breathtaking scenes are reduced to that, decorated. It is the best demonstration, by contrast, why it works ‘Jack Ryan’. Has a line argues clear and go for it. It is solid, without additives, and fall into the melífluo. Or in summary: a worthwhile and the other not. Yes, even if you do not pass the story… the Sunday afternoon that we have ‘echao’!

The first full season of ‘The Widow’ is available on Amazon Prime Video from the march 1, 2019.