TODAY / Whoopi Goldberg takes to the uproar of the “Merlos Place” to the television of the USA


“Speaking of caught on live tv (…). The commentator in the Spanish Alfonso Merlos raised the level when a woman appeared half naked walking in the background during your connection. Oh apparently she is not his wife or his girlfriend!”, exclaimed the winning of the prizes Oscar, Grammy, Emmy and Tony.

The protagonist of “Sister Act” introduced the image viral in their conversation of the morning, which brings together an average of 2.5 million viewers every day and is one of the magazines most popular of american television.

Interestingly, without having more knowledge of the subject, Goldberg hinted that the scene could have been a mounting intended, something which had been raised by several journalists of the chronic social Spanish.

“You know, I think that he did this because he wanted it to be discovered. Why ibas to be with her in the apartment, and with what reason, while participating in the live broadcast?”, he questioned the actress.

“I think there is a psychological game, than perhaps we are not aware, that he wanted to be caught,” said Goldberg.

Then Meghan McCain, daughter of the late senator John McCain, commented that “it was a very embarrassing to discover an infidelity”.

The scene, which filled comments social networks and busy hours in the entertainment programs of the Spanish television, he has also filled headlines in tabloids in the united States as the tabloid TMZ, The New York Post or the chain conservative Fox News.

Also, Goldberg spoke before of another image that has caught the attention of the viewers this week, when a reporter from the ABC gave a news live without pants.

The program “The View” is a format premiered in 1997 and that has had guests such as the former president of USA Barack Obama.

For his part, Goldberg is especially popular for her role in “Sister Act” and is also one of the few artists who have won the four major awards of the performing arts in the united States: Oscar (film), Grammy (music), Emmy (television), and Tony (theater).